Fresh Brewed Coffee
$15.00, per gallon (serves 16 w/8oz cups)
Hot Tea Service
Charged on Consumption         
$1.25, per bag
Chilled Fruit Juices
Orange, Apple, Cranberry
$8.00, per carafe (serves 8)
$6.00, per carafe (serves 8)
Soft Drinks, Coca-Cola Products
Charged on Consumption         
$1.50, per can
Bottled Water
Charged on Consumption         
$1.50, per bottle
Iced Tea,
$11.00, per gallon (serves 14 w/10oz glass)
Lemonade or Punch
$11.00 per gallon (serves 16 w/8oz. cup)
White Pineapple Punch $15.00 per gallon

A La Carte A.M.

Assorted Danishes
$17.00, per dozen
Assorted Muffins/Donut
$16.00, per dozen
Cinnamon Rolls,
$17.00, per dozen
Bagels with Cream Cheese
$14.00, per dozen
Assorted Breakfast Biscuit
$18.00, per dozen
Assorted Yogurts, per cup
Charged on Consumption         
Assorted Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut)
$12.00, per dozen
Fresh Sliced Fruit Tray
$3.00, per person

A La Carte P.M.

$15.00, per dozen
Lemon Square
$15.00, per dozen
Assorted Cookies
$12.00, per dozen
Assorted Cheese and Cracker Display
$3.25, per person
Vegetable Tray with Dip
$2.50, per person
Assorted, Meat, Cheese & Cracker Display
$4.50, per person

Food and beverages are subject to an 18% service charge and sales tax.
Prices are subject to change.